Southend-on-Sea Embodied Carbon Report

Project Summary

Ecovista Solutions Ltd.
Site Sustainability / Environmental Consultancy

EcoVista assigned Q Sustain to calculate the embodied emissions from their project to evaluate the total carbon emissions so that they can offset the carbon emissions to create a carbon-neutral project.

The Challenge

Embodied carbon is the carbon emitted pre-operation including the extraction, processing, and transportation of materials; the construction process, which includes the fabrication of components, transport, and assembly. Embodied carbon can account for 70% of whole-life carbon emissions in building services. It is often ignored by companies when estimating their carbon emissions.

To track the carbon footprint, it was necessary to record all the materials and vehicles arriving at site. The construction materials included components consisting of multiple parts and materials, hence we had to engage with each manufacturer to collect the data on parts to calculate the emissions as accurately as possible.

Our Solution

At Q Sustain, we have proudly developed an advanced app in accordance with CIBSE guidelines designed to monitor and manage embodied carbon emissions on construction sites. Our app meticulously tracks various activities, including vehicle movements, material deliveries, and machinery operations, allowing us to accurately measure and record embodied carbon emissions in real time. This data is then seamlessly integrated into a comprehensive dashboard, presenting clients with clear and actionable insights in kgCO2e units. The intuitive interface, complete with charts and graphs, empowers clients to easily interpret and analyse the data, facilitating informed decision-making regarding emission reduction strategies and carbon offset initiatives.

As a result, the complete embodied emission for the project was calculated, which was equivalent to 27 tonnes of CO2e – equivalent to 27 return flight from London to New York.

Recommendations were provided to procure more sustainable products with lower carbon footprint and requirement of engaging at all levels of supply chain were emphasized for optimizing and achieving emissions reduction goals.


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Key Outcomes

Tonnes CO2e Captured and Offset
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